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Native Advertising: Reach More Customers With Taboola


Taboola’s mission is to help you reach a more relevant audience across the web's top sites.

In this course, you are going to learn the essentials for creating, managing, and optimizing a successful native campaign with Taboola. 

This course is for advertisers and basically, anyone who wants to explore the world of content discovery.

We will first start with the user journey to get you familiar with what mindset online users are in when they encounter a native advertisement. Then, we will look at how you can create content that is tailored to that user’s experience - thus maximizing engagement with your brand. From there, we take a brief chapter to talk about tracking and measurement, and what you should be considering when following how users come to discover your brand. And finally, we take the very easy step into applying all that you’ve learned into building your campaigns so you can be that user’s newly discovered interest. 

By the end of this 6 chapter course, you will have all the tools necessary to introduce new users to your business and build a strong brand presence that you can leverage across all of your main marketing channels.

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