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Problem Solving Techniques


After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To
Identifying your problem and breaking it down
Find the root cause and visualize your problem
Understand the impact of your problem so that you can prioritize a creative solution
Frame your problem as a question or statement
Conduct change analysis when identifying a problem
Help other with their problems and deal with problem solving in a group
Structure a solution to your problem
Set up milestones to monitor your progress towards completion
About This Course
We’re naturally faced with problems in the workplace on a daily basis. Many times, they are not major issues but without a method for solving your problems, your issues can fester and even cause businesses to come to a screaming halt.

In this course, you’ll learn a proven process for breaking down your problem and finding innovative solutions that allow you to move forward confidently and avoid similar issues in the future. You’ll also learn powerful tools to apply to your problem so that you can address them when they come up no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

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What You Will Learn
How to look at your problem from a higher level
How to avoid analysis paralysis
How to use a fishbone diagram and mind map to understand cause and effect
To control how you react and perceive a situation
How to deal with fear-related problems
How to problem-solve using the simple A3 method
How to find the start and end points when implementing a solution
How to measure your solution and track your progress
How and when to ask for help when problem solving
Why Learn With Beatriz Datangel?
Beatriz Datangel has led Product Management, Product Marketing and Growth efforts at B2B startups. As a scientist at heart, she loves experimenting that adds value throughout the customer journey by building and optimizing for retention.be

Who Is This Course For?
Business owners wanting to enhance their problem solving skills
Entrepreneurs wanting to avoid unnecessary problems festering in the long-term
Freelancers wanting to add creative problem solving to their skill set
Students wanting to learn about understanding the root cause of problems
Anyone wanting to improve on their problem solving skills for an enhanced business environment
Unemployed freelancers looking for an in-demand skill for their CV
All levels of experience
Access to Internet
Computer / Laptop / Mobile Device
What Is Included?
Immediate unlimited access to course materials
30-day money-back guarantee
Exercises and quizzes to help you put theory into practice
English Closed Captions
Suitable for mobile or desktop
A badge to showcase your expertise on your profile page upon completion

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